Synology nas wd red firmware version

synology nas wd red firmware version

synology nas wd red firmware version

I have several drives with 80.00A80 firmware and six with 82.00A82 firmware. As far as I know there is still no firmware update for WD30EFRX. The different firmwares are working differently on same APM settings so it’s not easy to configure a system including all my drives. My question is. Is there an update which I could use to bring all the ...

 · NAS wd red and smr drives..... Storage Management wd red and smr drives..... z. zeratul75 @zeratul75. Nov 12, 2019 Edited. 1 Replies 821 Views 0 Likes. Toggle Dropdown. Report; hello. need to buy 4 brand new disks and start everything from zero. I after excluding seagate for various reasons (reading here about write cache.....firmware thanks) and after been using wd red …

WD Red drives include WD's exclusive NASware technology that addresses many of the challenges a traditional desktop hard drive has in a NAS system. WD works directly with our partners to test compatibility and reduce our customer's guess work as to which drive is right for their NAS system. Designed to deliver a better customer experience in small NAS systems, this innovative firmware …

For more information on the differences, do checkout AnandTech’s coverage on the Western Digital Updates Red NAS Drive Lineup with 6 TB and Pro Versions. Installing WD Red Into DS415play Installing all the four 3.5″ WD Red drives into Synology DS415play is pretty straight forward and it does not involve any screws or screwdriver. However ...

 · It doesn't have anything built in. I've updated Seagate drive firmware directly from a Synology unit before just by dropping their Linux tool and the necessary firmware into a share and then running it via SSH. I haven't tried with WD drives though. Although that worked fine for me, I imagine it's not something that is supported or recommended.

I noticed that WD has released a new version of the " WD Red SMART load/Unload utility 3.5" Drive" which modifies when the drive enters it’s power down state. This looks like something we should implement on our drives. Since mine are installed in my EX2, how can I do this update?

I have googled and read this post but I still would need an answer to how to upgrade the firmware if it is of another version than 80.00A80 (read more below). I’m about to buy a Synology DS216+II NAS and two 4TB WD RED WD40EFRX. When I look on Synology’s site for a compatible WD disk for the NAS I see that I must use:

synology nas wd red firmware version ⭐ LINK ✅ synology nas wd red firmware version

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